Who is Flocke?

So first off, who is Flocke the polar bear, my site’s namesake?  Well she’s an adorable polar bear that I followed quite a while back in my younger days.  Who am I kidding, it was only a little over half a decade ago.  But I was younger.  Anyway, Flocke was a huge hit over in Europe, particularly Germany.  I came across Flocke for the first time on youtube.  Cutest thing I had ever seen.


Zookeepers and public thought there was a possibility she’d get eaten by her mother Vera so they raised her themselves which was very much against policy.  Apparently though, another mother polar bear had just eaten both her cubs so there was a huge public outcry about Flocke’s safety when her mother was displaying weird behavior with her.  Flocke is German for “flake” or “snowflake”, obviously because of her white fur.  Flocke became quite the celebrity and made a ton of money in branding and merchandising.  She was so adorable that they actually made a board game after her.  I kid you not.  I for one, enjoyed see all her firsts and all the cute stuff baby polar bears do as reported by the constant media attention she received.  However, soon she was the hot topic among animal conservationists and some legal stuff came into play about damaging effects that the public exposure would give her.

Long story short….the zoo decreased human interaction, hoping that she would be able to coexist with other polar bears.  A new bear named Rasputin came into  Nuremberg Zoo and shared the enclosure with Flocke.  They were hoping that she would learn much from him as he was raised by his mother and not humans.  He was only supposed to stay for a year but the bears got a long “famously” according to the city.  So they moved together to a new enclosure in France.  Due to their close relationship, it was decided that they would stay there together.

Fast forward four years and Flocke gave birth to her cub Hope.  LOVE!  I mean, how can you not???  Stay tuned for more of my passions!



P.S. I will always give you some cool links for all my passions. You’re welcome!

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