‘World’s Saddest’ Polar Bear

A polar bear at the Grandview Aquarium

Have you seen this?  Does this polar bear not look completely depressed?  If he could end it, he would.  You know I love polar bears and this kind of thing breaks my heart.

Apparently this aquarium opened inside of a Chinese mall in January and is overcrowded, artificial and sparse.  This place houses 5 walrus calves, two polar bears, two Arctic wolves and 6 young beluga whales.  They’re all in barren enclosures much too small to “engage in natural behaviors”.  Not only that, spectators bang on the glass and yell at it in order to get selfies with it.  I mean, who would think that’s okay???  There’s been backlash from many and about 250,000 signatures to close this joke of an aquarium.

David Neale, Welfare Director of Animals Asia said “We are calling for it to be closed down.  This is a bear that suffers for what? For selfies? For shopping?”  Many caring citizens have stayed away from the mall but unfortunately there are still many curious to see what all the fuss is about.  I hate that animals are treated like this, trapped this way.  If they’re going to be in captivity the need a natural exhibit with tons of space and other bears to socialize with.  Apparently just this month, the bear keeper has added snow and is trying to start enriching their environment.  Not enough I say.  Not enough.

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