Back to my graphic design love.  In my last graphic design post, I talked about fonts.  More specifically though, I love fonts with GLYPHS.  If you don’t know what glyphs are, basically they are a way to make fonts more custom.  A glyph is an individual character.  It might be a punctuation mark, a letter, an accented letter, a dingbat, etc.  Glyphs can make the same letter look different when used multiple times within one word.  They can also add flourishes to fonts.  I’m obsessed with these.


Clicking on the sample above will take you to a tutorial on how to access glyphs for this particular font called Samantha.

At you will see many more examples of pretty fonts with glyph options.  See below.


Search for fonts with glyphs today and play around with them. You’ll never go back to regular fonts again.  Well you will, but not willingly.

You’re welcome!