Electrician Saves Blogger

It’s been weeks since I’ve written about polar bears or graphic design.  I was going to hit my blog earlier on the topic of my latest graphic design project when my lights went out.  Literally.  There was no power outage in the area though, so I ended up having to call a local master electrician here.  Good thing I did too because you wouldn’t be reading this blog if the power was still out.  Sad, I know.

The guy knew his stuff.  I not only had no power coming in but I told him about some wonky stuff going on in this place the last few years.  First off, I had light switches that would make fizzing sounds (he called them “hot”).  That sound always freaked me out. I felt like the place would burn down at any given time.  Secondly, I had lights that would decide when they wanted to turn on and when they didn’t. Seriously, I had lights that I could never get to turn on that would just come right on in the middle of the night. Third, I had a ceiling fan that would give me light but no fan – and here in South Carolina, no fan at night is NOT good.  Fourth, my bedroom breaker would always turn off when I used a hair dryer or vacuum in certain outlets. Continue reading Electrician Saves Blogger


Back to my graphic design love.  In my last graphic design post, I talked about fonts.  More specifically though, I love fonts with GLYPHS.  If you don’t know what glyphs are, basically they are a way to make fonts more custom.  A glyph is an individual character.  It might be a punctuation mark, a letter, an accented letter, a dingbat, etc.  Glyphs can make the same letter look different when used multiple times within one word.  They can also add flourishes to fonts.  I’m obsessed with these.


Clicking on the sample above will take you to a tutorial on how to access glyphs for this particular font called Samantha.

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Changing Landscapes and Hotels.com

arkansas landscape

Unfortunately no good updates yet on depressed polar bear and today I will move on to a completely off the wall topic all together. Vacationing.  Well vacationing isn’t all together off the wall but it’s not what I normally blog about.  I guess a blog is whatever you want to make it though!

So I live in South Carolina and thought it would be amazing to drive to Kansas for vacation.  Who does that right?  Shouldn’t Kansas folk be vacationing to South Carolina?  Well my sister couldn’t get away from home but I hadn’t seen her in forever.  However, I couldn’t fork out the outrageous cost of plane tickets….hence the drive. Thank goodness for apps like apple music and audible!  It was 18 hours. 18 HOURS.  I know, truck drivers do it all the time. Actually I’m making it out to be much worse than it really was. I actually loved driving to Kansas.  It was such a nice break from the day to day work I always do.  I also got to enjoy the changing landscapes.  Hey, there ya go!  Landscape. I said I’d be blogging about landscaping and I am.  The changes are ever so gradual but I loved them all from the tall pines and many vines to the rolling hills and farmlands.  I would do it over again in a second.  Luckily there were no car troubles or hiccups of any kind so I can say that.  Well there was one hiccup. Continue reading Changing Landscapes and Hotels.com