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arkansas landscape

Unfortunately no good updates yet on depressed polar bear and today I will move on to a completely off the wall topic all together. Vacationing.  Well vacationing isn’t all together off the wall but it’s not what I normally blog about.  I guess a blog is whatever you want to make it though!

So I live in South Carolina and thought it would be amazing to drive to Kansas for vacation.  Who does that right?  Shouldn’t Kansas folk be vacationing to South Carolina?  Well my sister couldn’t get away from home but I hadn’t seen her in forever.  However, I couldn’t fork out the outrageous cost of plane tickets….hence the drive. Thank goodness for apps like apple music and audible!  It was 18 hours. 18 HOURS.  I know, truck drivers do it all the time. Actually I’m making it out to be much worse than it really was. I actually loved driving to Kansas.  It was such a nice break from the day to day work I always do.  I also got to enjoy the changing landscapes.  Hey, there ya go!  Landscape. I said I’d be blogging about landscaping and I am.  The changes are ever so gradual but I loved them all from the tall pines and many vines to the rolling hills and farmlands.  I would do it over again in a second.  Luckily there were no car troubles or hiccups of any kind so I can say that.  Well there was one hiccup.

So somewhere late at night in Arkansas I decided to book a room at a nearby hotel with the app.  I put in the little town I was coming up on and it brought up a list of options. I picked one with a free continental breakfast.  That’s the most important thing to me.  Loved the ease of booking!  The confirmation came immediately and I pressed the directions link.  Whoops. The hotel was somehow 30 minutes behind me!  I immediately called the hotel and they said the would cancel the reservation. Crisis averted. So repeated the process, this time making sure that the hotel was in my forward path.  A few days later, my bank showed the price of both hotels coming out of my account.  I called up and they couldn’t refund me.  They have a policy.  I know. BUT, I had the hotel backing me up that I called and cancelled with them and the new boy never told me to call  So I pointed out to them that I clearly booked another hotel 5 minutes later, also with their app.  I had to get a manager on the phone and luckily they were able to give me a $100 credit which was fine because I had to drive home from Kansas a week later.  Just make sure when you’re traveling and you put in a city, that you pay attention to the list it brings up. Sometimes the hotels aren’t what you want.  I stayed at a Holiday Inn in Russellville and the hotel was great along with the staff.  In fact the lady checking me in was from my hometown!  Don’t ask me how someone gets from Phoenix to Russellville, Arkansas.

By the way, Kansas was great. It’s nice to see family but there wasn’t much there!

Please enjoy pictures of things I saw a lot of.


arkansas landscape
Gorgeous Views
Wind Power
hay bales
Hay Bales
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