Green + Black

So I love green.  If you’ve been following me, you know this by now.  What I’ve come to hate lately is black – more specifically blacktop.  Out here on the east coast, asphalt is everywhere. Not sure why it was never big in AZ.  It was only on the major streets and highways out there.  Here it’s in my yard, well takes up a bit of space in my yard anyway.  I have a huge asphalt driveway and it’s pretty old.  It’s black, uneven, and cracked in many places which then pools up water when it rains and makes bigger cracks.  When it freezes it breaks apart.  It’s been bad lately but seeing as I’ll be selling my current home soon, I felt like I needed to make my beautiful yard the best it could be with a better driveway.  I didn’t actually get a before picture because I wasn’t planning on blogging about my driveway, but it was something like the picture below. Those are what you call spiderweb or alligator cracks.  They were hideous.  This was something beyond my green thumb’s capabilities.  A friend recommended Paving Columbia SC and I trust her completely so I went with them.  This last weekend they came out and can I just say – WOW.  My house looks amazing now.  

I’m very private about my exact whereabouts but lets just say that I sit in the beautiful yard and now stare at the beautiful driveway.  It might sell this house on it’s own.  So yeah, if you have an asphalt driveway that is bringing down the beautiful yard, fix it!  Now!  It’s a bit of an investment but if done right, so worth it.



So shiny and new!  I’m told this will last for years.  Green + Black.  I love the contrast.