Green…anything green

I really am so amazed that you’re still following me. Thank you, thank you! Did you find my post on typography informative? I hope so. You’re so welcome.

In this post I will explain my last obsession.  I love green – like really can’t live without it type of love.  I live in South Carolina, but I was raised in the desert.  It was brown with rocks everywhere. I’ll talk more about that later.  But that’s why green is so gorgeous to me – I lived without it almost my whole life.

Boone Hall Plantation, Charleston, SC

Is that picture above gorgeous or what???!!!  South Carolina is abundant in greenery. My neighborhood is still gorgeous to me years after moving here. However, the newer neighborhoods have been clearing all the land and leaving no trees!  It infuriates me!  Why would they take all those beautiful trees down? They obviously don’t know how lucky they are.  I’ve had to take a tree down myself, I’ll admit, but it wasn’t just for no reason.  My yard was beautiful but had too many trees crammed into a small space and one tree in particular had roots all over the yard.  The culprit was a River Birch tree (see below). It pretty much looked like the picture with it’s 3 separate trunks. Apparently they’re not great for yards and should stay close to larger water sources because they drink up water like crazy, killing your lawn.  Anyway, I told my landlord that the tree had to go so that the lawn could survive (also green!). He agreed. I had never seen a tree that large come down before. It was something I watched from my window for a good hour (just like squirrels when I first moved here).  I never really saw cactus removal in the desert. Tree removal is no joke though. Heights aren’t my cup of tea but somebody has got to do it so I called a pro.  Lexington’s Best Tree Service came out and they were awesome and very informative. The guy removing my tree had to climb pretty high and cut huge chunks down hoping not to hit anything below.  It was quite enthralling.  Now that the tree is gone, I still have 4 remaining and my yard just brings a smile each time I come home.  I love to garden and plant flowers.  When I have my own place, I will go crazy with local nursery finds and you can be sure to find them on this blog. Continue reading Green…anything green

All things fonts

Hello again world.

Apparently my post about Flocke the polar bear was pretty riveting because you’re back! Thank you! But this time I shall move on and continue explaining what will be a fairly random blog about things I love.

As you will recall, one of my other great loves is graphic design but mainly typography.  I LOVE typography.  I have a trillion fonts on my computer as we speak – so many that I can never find any at all!  Figures.  I don’t know why I love fonts so much but ever since I can remember, I’ve been able to name most fonts I see around town.  It probably started in 4th grade computer lab.  That’s when I fell in love with Apple Computer or MAC.  I loved their use of fonts back then and their clean interface.  So here I am, mid-twenties on my mac desktop and blogging about font love.

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Who is Flocke?

So first off, who is Flocke the polar bear, my site’s namesake?  Well she’s an adorable polar bear that I followed quite a while back in my younger days.  Who am I kidding, it was only a little over half a decade ago.  But I was younger.  Anyway, Flocke was a huge hit over in Europe, particularly Germany.  I came across Flocke for the first time on youtube.  Cutest thing I had ever seen.


Zookeepers and public thought there was a possibility she’d get eaten by her mother Vera so they raised her themselves which was very much against policy.  Apparently though, another mother polar bear had just eaten both her cubs so there was a huge public outcry about Flocke’s safety when her mother was displaying weird behavior with her.  Flocke is German for “flake” or “snowflake”, obviously because of her white fur.  Flocke became quite the celebrity and made a ton of money in branding and merchandising.  She was so adorable that they actually made a board game after her.  I kid you not.  I for one, enjoyed see all her firsts and all the cute stuff baby polar bears do as reported by the constant media attention she received.  However, soon she was the hot topic among animal conservationists and some legal stuff came into play about damaging effects that the public exposure would give her.

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